When you subscribe to InformedConsentMD, here’s what you get:

Time. Time to focus on what you love… your practice and your patients. InformedConsentMD reduces the time needed to consult with patients about complex procedures, improving your office productivity while delivering consistent, comprehensive information to your patients.

Patient Friendly Information. InformedConsentMD delivers easy to understand information that’s up to date, comprehensive and user friendly.

Augmented by 3D animation detailing the surgical procedure, each video features a physician counseling a patient about her condition, discussing treatment alternatives, and reviewing the benefits and risk of the procedure.

InformedConsentMD allows your patient, as well as her spouse and relatives, to view the video multiple times at their convenience on a home computer or in your office.

Peace of Mind. Malpractice litigation is both costly and time consuming. The emotional and mental drain of a lawsuit impacts you, your family and your practice.

InformedConsentMD helps reduce your liability by providing verifiable documentation of your patient’s understanding of her prospective procedure. This documentation becomes a part of her personal medical record and can be reviewed in the event of any complications.

Your patient will feel that she’s received an extra level of service from you, which will further strengthen the doctor-patient relationship.