InformedConsentMD is a low cost, internet-based subscription service.

Patient Session Video Screen

Subscribing physicians, and their patients, have access HD videos covering virtually every procedure needed for most OB/GYN practices.

Every video features a physician counseling a patient about a procedure, discussing treatment options, and reviewing risk and benefits. Each consultation is also complemented by detailed 3D animation of the surgical procedure.

After the patient views the video, she completes a short online quiz to verify comprehension of the material. The results are immediately available to the physician for simple inclusion in the patient’s personal medical record.

Doctors can begin using the entire library starting at $129.95 a month.

InformedConsentMD not only saves you time, but also offers liability protection. The information about the procedure is consistent, surgical benefits and risks are clearly spelled out and you obtain verifiable documentation.

InformedConsentMD is the patient consent solution created by doctors, for doctors and their patients.